Broken Vessels, Living Water!

Sunday, 24th September 2017

London, UK

Broken Vessels, Living Water

The Problem

It’s no secret that through the ages, women have been maligned, disparaged, shunned and underestimated. We are born into that. We learn it as soon as we begin interacting with those outside of our immediate support systems. In school, college, sports, work, university, life… we do not have a right to first place unless we prove our value at great cost. We forego relationships, deny ourselves a family, work harder, faster and better to prove that we are just as good.

When we fail, we are reminded that Eve also failed. Given an ‘out’ that excuses our gender of the responsibility of owning our mistakes.

We fight to subdue the personal experiences that broke and moulded us. We manage discrimination, distrust and belittlement as we navigate motherhood, singleness, Christianity, health, marriage and other things that face the modern woman.

We constantly contemplate whether we are built of ‘strong enough stuff’ yet, we forget to consider what that contemplation means in the wider context of succeeding at 21st century womanhood.

Our Mission

Knowing, understanding and accepting your worth holds no power unless you act: take the hard decisions, hold difficult conversations, resist shying away from taboo subjects that were once poison to the ears of generations who came before.

League of Extraordinary Women, in collaboration with SEC Youth & Women’s Ministries, want to help to make intelligent conversation and debate the foundation of growth that changes you from the inside out. When you understand who you are, where you want to be and what you need to do to get there, you’ll no longer fake it until you make it. The change will be deep, passionate and intentional.

We want to help you to recognise that your strength lies in the courage you find to face your brokenness. We want to inspire you to make your way to the Well of Living Water despite the harrowing journey you may face. We are committed to highlighting the Well, where even broken vessels can be used to contain miracles.

We want to quench your thirst, for dominion over that which once shattered you into pieces and invite you to be revived, refreshed and renewed. Join us at the Metamorphosis Women’s Conference and prepare to be transformed!

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Meet the Speakers

Naomi A. Osei

Transformational Coach | Women’s Empowerment Specialist | International Speaker

Tabitha Cedenio

Pastor | International Speaker | Teacher | Writer

Valerie Bernard-Allan

Motivational Sociologist

Cherlene Wilson

Intuitive Success Coach | International Speaker | Author

Yolanda Greaves

Inspirational & Motivational Speaker

Wanitta Powell

Motivational Speaker | Love & Marriage Specialist

The Venue

The women’s conference will be held in the City of London at the CCT Venues Barbican. Right next to Barbican station and a short walk from Farringdon, St Paul’s and Moorgate tube stations. If you are planning to drive, details of the local car parks can be found below. Pre-book your parking space for the best available rates: –
NCP, London Aldersgate Euro Car Parks, The Charterhouse

CCT Venues Barbican

135-137 Aldersgate St, London EC1A 4JA, UK


135-137 Aldersgate St, London EC1A 4JA



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